August Caught Acting Like an Owner Award - Nominees and Winner

The FST Logistics "Caught Acting Like an Owner" (CALO) Award is an internal employee award, given on a monthly basis, to an employee-owner who has went above and beyond, and demonstrated the traits of what it means to be a true owner of a company.
Our August nominees and winner have demonstrated examples of how they were reliable, invested, responsive, adaptable, passionate and/or innovative. Congratulations to our winner and nominees for this month!
Here are the four nominees and winner for August 2020:




Amy Huston - Nominee

Amy's nominator says, "Amy will work any day or night at GC2. She never complains and always has a smile on her face. She has been with FST for several years and is extremely dedicated to the company. After she gets off of work, she takes care of her elderly mother...What a great person!"





Doug Stutes - Nominee

"The quiet ones doing the behind-the-scenes hard work, day in and day out, tend to go unnoticed, and Doug is one of them. He might not be loud at what he does, but his skills, character, and work ethic speak volumes. I have been watching this man for years, disciplined with his schedule, produce high quality work and relationships with our drivers," says Doug's nominator.




Ethan Coleman - Nominee

Ethan's nominator shares, "Ethan works incredibly hard to get all of the Masterbills during the weekend out on time. He is extremely thorough and prioritizes FST's customers when coordinating the flow of carriers through the cross dock. He does a great job of working with the dock staff, the drivers and the weekend on-call staff."





Samantha Allen - Winner

"In July, Sam was part of a restructure that led her to assume sole responsibility of the Customer Service department. Soon after, the facility manager in her warehouse left for PTO, and the partner in charge was off for paternity leave.  During that time, Sam also covered for other facility managers that were on PTO, leading her to do as many as five jobs at once. Sam performed exceptionally; she didn't complain. She owned the responsibility, and led her teams in an admirable way," says her nominator.