FST's Empolyee-Owners Committee Sponsors Wellness Month

Throughout April, the Employee-Owners Committee (EOC), which is charged with educating owners about our ESOP, and promoting ownership culture, sponsored the first-ever FST Steps-Up Challenge. The goal was simple, to encourage owners to get up and walk. One hundred fifty employees participated in the challenge with hopes of being the owner with the most steps.

Along with the Step-Up Challenge, each week the EOC focused on a different topic that promoted the health of our owners by educating them about mental health, financial wellness, healthy sleep, and healthy food options. 

Wellness month was a success; two of our customers, Barnana and Kars Nuts, provided each owner with a healthy snack option they could enjoy. Three owners stepped up to win the challenge, David Stevens in our inventory control department took home first place with 465,204 steps, Taryn Smith, our business development coordinator, took second with 429,350 steps, and finally in third place with 388,900 steps was Justin Wintermeyer in our warehouse.