FST Logistics Partners with Alvis

FST Logistics is committed to improving the central Ohio region through various regional partnerships. In 2022, we realized we could make a more significant impact on our community by becoming a second chance employer. As an employee-owned company, we believe our owners are more than their pasts. By providing training, continuing education, and creating a culture where everyone is equal, our owners are able to grow their careers.

Alvis is a non-profit based here in Columbus that shares a similar mission. Founded in the 1960's Alvis has worked with thousands of families to provide comprehensive reentry and family support programs, empowering their clients to live successful, productive lives after release. Alvis's success rate speaks for itself, with 75% of their clients remaining out of the criminal system after completing the three-year program compared to the national average of 50%.

As FST continues to grow our partnership with Alvis, we were excited to attend the annual Evening of Light, a banquet hosted to share testimonials from the people they serve. During the event, we heard success stories of clients that have gone through Alvis’s programs. It quickly became apparent that Alvis would not only hit their goal but surpass it. With a $10,000 match, those gathered for the event nearly doubled the amount raised to $49,320.

We look forward to this partnership's future as we host our golf outing in honor of Alvis next month, and working together towards a future where communities believe that a person's potential is more important than their past.