September "Caught Acting Like an Owner" Nominees and Winner

The FST Logistics "Caught Acting Like an Owner" (CALO) Award is an internal employee award, given on a monthly basis, to an employee-owner who has went above and beyond, and demonstrated the traits of what it means to be a true owner of a company.

Our September nominees and winner have demonstrated examples of how they were reliable, invested, responsive, adaptable, passionate and/or innovative. Congratulations to our winner and nominees for this month!


Alyssa Hall and Anna Jimenez - Nominees

​Their nominator says, "Alyssa Hall and Anna Jimenez both spent part of the Labor Day holiday working to inform customers and consignees of delivery updates. Knowing that there were situations needing to be addressed on the holiday (while the office was closed), both associates committed time to providing support. Alyssa and Anna's dedication to their work is an awesome reflection of their investment to their teams!"


Tonya Easter - Nominee

"​Tonya went out of her way to provide goody bags for the drivers for Driver Appreciation Week. She made each one, filled them and delivered them to us so that we could hand them out to our drivers. Because I directly work with the drivers, I really appreciate the effort she put into making them," says Tonya's nominator.

tonya easter

Dan Trout - Nominee

Dan's nominator shares, "​Dan deserves to win a CALO award because day in and day out he's answering the call to the needs of not only his team, but every team in transportation. The transportation department would crumble without Dan's fearless guidance! Dan also constantly challenges our team for ways to improve our carrier procurement and truckload expenses."


Brad Hunt - Nominee

"​Brad always goes above and beyond to assists our drivers in many ways. He will do whatever is needed including staying late or coming in early to get things done. He is always looking for ways to improve the driver experience for all," says his nominator. 

Brad Hunt

Charlie King - Nominee

His nominator says, "​Charlie has been a solid performer and is a key player on the Kars account. His performance and work quality set the standard that the rest of the team is chasing. ​Charlie has posted 100% picking accuracy numbers, while picking over 75 lines each week on average. He has offered to put the picking accuracy reward back into the pot to up the motivation for the team." 

Charlie King CALO

Doug Taylor - Nominee

Doug's nominator says, "​Doug is the perfect example of an employee-owner, and he is always living out the FST traits. Doug is a shining example of what all members of leadership should look like here. When it comes to cross dock operations, Doug is always stepping up to make sure things are taken care of. He constantly is available for anyone who needs help, including coming in on weekends to make sure the staff is set up for success."


Megan Miller - Winner

Megan's nominator says, "​​Megan Miller exemplifies everything that is right about FST. She is a tenacious worker who puts in as many hours as necessary to get through the day. She is constantly questioning and improving upon current processes in order to find a better, more efficient way to do business and she leads by example. Her commitment is unquestionable."